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Downlink peak rates of at least 100Mbit/s, uplink rates of 50 Mbit/s and RAN (Radio Access Network) round-trip times of less than 10ms is what Long-Term Evolution or the LTE targets in the near future for telecommunication world give the subscribers truly seamless communications. LTE a wireless broadband technology which is designed to provide an extraordinary user experience and easiest of technology for next generation mobile broadband is posing a serious threat to WiMax and the 3G services, which is gaining its ground slowly and gradually in India.

In a past decade wireless industry has seen a explosion in the demand for both voice and data services with the growth in number of mobile telephone subscribers as well as the usage rate. Long Term Evolution (LTE) will be strongly emerge as the next generation wireless technology that will lead the growth of mobile broadband services into the next level. Its adoption by service providers around the world has the potential to generate economies of scale unprecedented by any previous generation of wireless networking technology as it becomes the universal 4G mobile platform used by both GSM/HSPA and CDMA/EVDO service providers.

Operators are thus presented with a choice of technologies to provide their customers with wireless broadband services. This will allow them either to compete with fixed operators or to provide broadband services in areas where the fixed infrastructure does not exist and would be too expensive to deploy. Here, LTE offers compelling attractions for incumbent UMTS/HSPA operators such as the ability to re-use significant portions of their existing infrastructure, together with re-use of existing spectrum assets. While LTE looks firmly to the future, it does so with a Return of Investment (ROI) approach. As a result, LTE will allow operators to generate fresh sources of value from their existing network investments while enjoying the significant economies of scale that flow from participation in the world`s biggest and most successful family of evolving cellular system.

The conference will provide an update on the mobile broadband, current capabilities, the eco-system, drivers and directions for future evolution to the next generation/LTE and beyond. It will also discuss services and applications, business models, and challenges including solving spectrum needs for capacity and coverage requirements.

At this exclusive conference on Long Term Evolution (LTE), it will provide a useful & powerful forum for your organisation to discuss:
  • Why LTE when Broadband commodity is rapidly becoming commoditized?
  • Future of LTE in India where 3G is also moving towards progress at a snail`s pace.
  • Emerging newest technologies and market trends in the LTE.
  • LTE for Next generation Business Strategy.
  • How can the present infrastructure be re-used for LTE at the lowest cost?
  • Examining the role of the operators perspectives in driving revenues out of LTE.
  • Regulatory barriers.
  • Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Evolution of the core Network.
  • Driving Applications and Service Developments.
  • Exploring Collaborative Business Models, Innovative Applications, Technologies and Strategies for Growth.
  • Network with the industry colleagues & most importantly do business by developing key relationships.

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