MEC International conference on Big Data and Smart City (ICBDSC)


The MEC International conference on Big Data and Smart City (ICBDSC) covers topics such as:

  • Smart Urban Mobility Services
    • Modeling of complex energy, mobility, society and e-governance
    • Smart Manufacturing and Logistics
    • Intelligent transportation systems and vehicular networks
    • Distributed energy sources and its Impact
    • Smart Practice for business intelligence, process integration and management
  • Smart Infrastructure
    • Smart city Buildings and Traffic system Operations
    • IOT (Internet of Things) for Smart cities
    • Security, Privacy and safety environment
    • Novel Approaches for Smart Home Automation
    • Social entrepreneurship and community engagement
    • Computational Intelligence and soft computing
  • Smart Health care Management
    • Data Analytics and Security protection
    • Health care Solutions with IOT
    • Global Advances in Health and Medicine
    • Innovation and well being
    • Health Access policy and its principles
    • Data Extraction and Quality Assessment
  • Smart city Communications
    • Smart grid Computing and Storage Architectures
    • Sensor and Actuators networking
    • Machine Learning and sustainable computing
    • Big data acquisition, preprocessing, data storage and management, knowledge management
    • Smart data formats in privacy protection and data convergence
  • Big Data Security and Integrity
    • Security, privacy, trust, and legal issues to big data
    • Governance and Management
    • Security issues in intelligent systems
    • Networking for Big Data
    • Data Integrity in cryptography
    • Standardized data formats protection and data convergence
  • Big Data Infrastructure
    • Modeling and frameworks
    • Sensing and IoT frameworks and infrastructures
    • Cloud/ High performance computing
    • Storage architectures, grid computing and service
    • Software systems for big data
    • Open source big data platforms
  • Big Data Application
    • Smart City, Health Care, Medicine , Finance, Law, Education, Engineering and Management
    • Environmental monitoring and prediction
    • Data communication, image processing and bio-informatics
    • Social networks
    • Big Data as a service
    • Documentation and Archiving
  • Big Data Analytics
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • Big data acquisition, preprocessing and analysis
    • Data warehousing and Data Mining
    • Computational and business intelligence
    • Visualization analytics for big data
    • Social entrepreneurship and community engagement

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