Medical Law & Ethics by Distance Learning

The Medical Law & Ethics by Distance Learning is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Legal and quasi-law sources, European law, Human Rights Act 1998
  • Structure of the NHS, professional self-regulation, access to health care, public law
  • Legal concepts of criminal and civil liability
  • Ethical theories and principles
  • Clinical Malpractice I
  • Consent and the Situation of Incapacitated Patients
  • Medical Research
  • Clinical Malpractice II
  • Coroners Law
  • Philosophy of Health Care
  • Issues Relating to the Creation and Saving of Life
  • Negotiated Study
  • Issues Relating to the Termination of Life
  • Mental Health
  • Expert Evidence

The Medical Law & Ethics by Distance Learning brings together:

  • Mental health
  • Clinical negligence litigation
  • Resource allocation
  • Human rights
  • All healthcare professionals responsible for patient care
  • Treatment decisions relating to patients lacking decision-making capacity
  • NHS Trust staff concerned with clinical governance/risk management/resourcing decision
  • Clinicians in medical research

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