MICROBIOTA - The Human Microbiome Event

Since the last years scientists have realized the scale and diversity of the microbial population that live in the human body. The number of hosted microbes is considered to be 10 times more than the total number of human cells. This major progress on microbiota knowledge has been made possible by the development of new genomic technologies and especially high throughput culture independant detection methods.

Today, a significant number of results have been published on the microbial population of the gut, and MICROBIOTA has explored for its 1st edition last year all other body niches (oral cavity, vagina and skin) to provide the industrial community with the latest scientific information.

Then again, as many lines of evidence suggest a role for both commensal and transient microbes in the status of human health as well as for the risk of contracting certain diseases, this event will be definitively key for the cosmetic, personal care, the nutraceutical and the pharmaceutical sector

For its 2nd edition, during 2 days, MICROBIOTA 2010 will provide the participant with key conferences on both the last research in the characterization of human microbe population and on the new results on the function of the microbial community. It will also address potential of this results to develop new products with health benefits in different sectors: cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical.

After an incredible first edition in December 2009 bringing over 100 delegates from 25 countries, 80% from industry (personal care, cosmetic, pharma and nutraceutical sectors), this will be definitively again the best opportunity to network and learn how to get involved in the strategic development of these industrial sectors.

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