Mining & Investment in Latin America Summit

The Mining & Investment in Latin America Summit is dedicated to mining investment and efficiency strategies in Latin America.

The Mining & Investment in Latin America Summit covers topics such as:

  • Base and Precious metals review
  • Understanding the continent: A macroeconomic and political overview of Latin America
  • M&A and Mining: What have been the main trends in current and will there be more deals in next year?
  • Reinvigorating the lifeblood of the mining industry: Will exploration make a comeback in next year?
  • Navigating your way through a restructuring: What to expect and pitfalls to avoid
  • Cutting costs and increasing productivity: How are producers in Latin America looking to finance themselves in next year?
  • Development of infrastructure in Latin America: How will this benefit the mining industry?
  • How are investment and commercial banks look to service mining companies in Latin America?
  • Private equity and mining: How will investment flows shift in the next 6 to 12 months?
  • Commodity focus on Lithium in Latin America – what are the opportunities for miners and investors?
  • Community relations in Latin America: Going back to basics on the industry’s biggest challenge
  • Being creative: What alternative ways can miners finance their projects/companies?
  • An overview of the opportunities and challenges of the Chilean Mining sector in the context of low copper prices
  • Peru post elections: What are the main objectives of the new Government going into next year?
  • What is the investment potential for the Mining industry in Ecuador?
  • New government, new directions: What can miners and investors expect to happen next in Argentina?
  • Brazil: Will next year see political and economic stability, and will this change the outlook of the mining sector?
  • Prospects for growth and understanding the new regulations for the mining industry in Colombia

The Mining & Investment in Latin America Summit brings together attendees from mining companies.

Past Events

   Mining & Investment in Latin America Summit 2016  24-25 Oct 2016, Lima, Peru (60616)

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