National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response

The National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response covers topics such as:

  • Efficiently Working with Complex Environments such as Real-time Wholesale Markets
  • Installed Capacity Markets & Ancillary Services: Their Link with DR
  • DER Implementation in the Demand Response Market
  • How to Use Energy Storage to Model the Future: Battery Storage & Flexible Loads
  • Working with Residential DR to Increase Member Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention through DR Programs & Guiding the Way to Time of Use Rates
  • Combining Community-shared Solar & DR and the Steps to Integrate It
  • Microgrids & their Impressive Potential: Establishing the Hybrid-type Resources

The National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response brings together attendees with responsibilities in:

  • Utilities and power generators
  • Energy professionals at commercial & industrial end-user organizations
  • Systems, software and IT vendors
  • Energy management service providers
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Smart grid technology and software developers
  • Regulators and public policy makers
  • Commercial and industrial end users
  • Investors and financial community
  • Grid operators
  • Usability professionals
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Corporate communication professionals
  • Emerging load technologies
  • Strategic planning and performance management professionals
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Regulation
  • Manufacturing and vending of DSM products
  • Demand response research
  • Marketing
  • Customer service, customer care and customer programs
  • Program design

Future Events

National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response 2020


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