New HR Strategies In A Tough Environment


New HR Strategies In A Tough Environment is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Focus on here and now - it needs to focus on issues that are here and now for the business, not get bogged down in administrative tasks or be in a position that they don’t understand the business and its potential to be disrupted or to disrupt its industry
  • Set the people agenda - like any other function, HR must show why the issues it addresses matter to the business and that it has sensible ways to manage them
  • Diagnosing Problems – HR needs to be in a position to pinpoint precisely why an organization might not be performing well or meeting its goals and how the age of disruption is being played out in its organization
  • Practices on Outcomes - HR needs not only a deep understanding of the work place issues but more importantly it needs to bring first rate analytics to help their organizations make sense of their employee data and get the most out of their human capital. They need to be able to predict outcomes and performance of their organizations based on their knowledge of culture and human capital and its fit with the work of the organization
  • Highlight beneficial benefit– HR needs to move from being seen as a cost center by the business where the goal is always cut,cut, cut. Being able to quantify costs and benefits (ROI) turns talent and organizational design choices into decisions
  • Prescribing actions to add value – HR needs to be prepared to recommend actions that will unlock or create value through the reallocation of human capital or redesigning and aligning the organizations structures and systems in the organization. In the age of disruption it needs to understand the shockwaves and the four reinvention enablers

New HR Strategies In A Tough Environment brings together attendees with responsibilities in HR.

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