OCEG approved GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Professional Seminar

The OCEG approved GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Professional Seminar covers topics such as:

  • The tools and resources available to GRC professionals
  • How to identify and coordinate the various GRC activities within an organization
  • How to apply the OCEG GRC Capability Model to your organization
  • How to tailor the GRC concepts to develop and integrate GRC capability in your organization
  • How GRC is much more than a technology solution and how you can technology in your GRC efforts
  • The necessary knowledge to successfully undertake the GRC Professional (GRCP) exam and become a certified GRC professional
  • How to align and compliance in context of the organization
  • How to develop a GRC strategic plan
  • Effective, efficient and agile GRC processes using the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • Define and enhance organizational culture as it relates to performance, risk , and compliance
  • Ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of GRC activities through metrics and measurement
  • Motivate and inspire desired conduct through the concept of Principled Performance

The OCEG approved GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Professional Seminar brings together:

  • Compliance and risk management staff
  • Legal professionals
  • Executives, managers and key staff in all GRC roles
  • Finance and internal audit personnel
  • Employees of technology providers and professional service firms


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