Offshore Oil & Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition (OTE)

The Offshore Oil & Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition (OTE) presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Auxiliary equipment
    • Electric control: wire & cable, automatic control, information system, lighting, alarm/security and communication/navigation
    • Power system: diesel engine, drive/brake, turbo engine, oil engine, impeller engine, steam engine
    • Steel structure: processing, construction, welding materials, welding/cutting, nondestructive examination
    • Protection products: ventilation/air condition, leakproof/anti corrosive/explosion proof, salvage, extinguishing, insulation materials, safety protection
    • Supplementary: lifting system, environment protection, power positioning, anchoring, indication/warning facility, mounting, boiler, jack, presser container, smelter, oil/gas filling station equipment
    • Instrument: regulator, transformer, recorder, sensor, measuring/analyzing instrument
    • Maintenance: special vehicle, examine/care equipment, helicopter/plane service
  • Oil & Gas
    • Refining equipment: abruption, refining, retrieving, tank, quality controlling
    • Recovering equipment: recovering, prospecting, oil well, drilling, lift, crane, platform, remote monitor, auxiliary vessels
    • Petrochemistry: extraction/separation/desiccation/comminution equipment, machinery, cleaning, purification, vacuum device, anticorrosive, lube, lab facility, petrochemical products
    • Logistic equipment: storage/transportation, tank farm, hoisting, hydraulic equipment, pump, pipe, seal, valve, screen mesh, fastener, filter
  • Ocean technology
    • Remote detection, ocean investigation, environment protection, underwater positioning, new material, desalination
  • New energy
    • Engineering construction:
    • Wind electricity, tower frame, wind-detect equipment, solar/wave energy development
    • Pipe construction, ocean explore, underwater processing, seabed cable layout, tunneling, pipe paving, diving facility, logistic
  • Services
    • Certification institute, R&D institute, finance/insurance, project inquiry, information and media
  • Costal development
    • Construction equipment, costal development equipment, harbour establishing, wind-electric station, engineering materials

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