Ovarian Club IV

The Ovarian Club IV is a conference dedicated to Blastocyst formation and implantation.

The Ovarian Club IV covers topics such as:

  • Lessons from mouse embryos in facultative delay of implantation may explain implantation failure of human blastocysts after IVF/ET
  • Transcriptome analysis, screening and function identification, looking for genes predicting trophoderm development and implantation
  • Personalized medicine applied to endometrial receptivity and embryo transfer
  • The receptive endometrium: providing the essential microenvironment for embryo implantation
  • Using cumulus cells to improve IVF lab performance
  • Cumulus cells: diagnostics and therapeuticsa
  • Cumulus cells: diagnostics and therapeutics in oocyte ageing
  • Why aneuploidy in human embryos may not be such a bad thing after all
  • An all blastocyst approach in ART
  • RNA quantity of cumulus cells and blastocyst competence
  • The impact of stimulation on oocyte quality and embryo development
  • The incidence of euploid blastocyst and implantation potential as a function of age and ovarian stimulation
  • Monitoring COS parameters and blastocyst culture
  • Transferring blastocysts in the poor responder patient. Pros & Cons
  • Finding the best egg with old-fashioned molecular biology
  • Oocyte and embryo quality
  • The effect of strong vs mild stimulation on implantation and pregnancy rates, and the epigenome
  • The respective contributions from the egg and sperm in the blastocyst formation and Implantation
  • New advances in development and implantation
  • Optimizing the endometrium for implantation: Stimulated, natural or programmed E2 and P4 cycles. 
  • Developmental genetics of female reproductive tract development
  • Building an ovary from the bipotential gonad
  • Molecular mechanism and cell signaling governing embryo implantation
  • Role of uterine epithelial-stromal crosstalk in implantation
  • Prediction of blastulation – Does it have clinical relevance in IVF
  • Blastocyst formation and preservation
  • Fertilization, embryonic development and IVF pregnancies resulting from in-vitro vs. in-vivo matured oocytes derived from harvested ovarian tissue
  • The role of decidualizing stromal cells in embryo recognition and rejection at implantation
  • Genetics involved in blastocyst development
  • The fertile soil – What makes a uterus receptive?
  • Blastocyst morphology and genetic competence
  • Genetic instability in human embryos- A problem or a solution?
  • Evaluation and management of embryonic – Endometrial synchronization
  • Is there any way we can improve receptivity?
  • Gerard Chaouat, France
  • Inflammation in the uterus: friend or foe?
  • The clinical aspects of endometrial injury
  • Implantation: the immune system partakes in the maternal-embryo interaction

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