Pediatric Infectious Diseases: An Evidence-Based Approach

Following this course, the participant should be able to recognize the epidemiology and classify commonly presenting infectious diseases; identify the various serious infections requiring immediate therapy; choose appropriate lab evaluation and identify when to refer to a specialist. This activity is expected to result in increased confidence in making an appropriate diagnosis and providing effective treatment and referral or follow-up care with the overall goal of improving patient outcomes.

The emphasis will be on current guidelines and evidence-based medicine, as indicated within each topic’s specific objectives, with a focus on diagnosis, treatment and when to refer. Since Infectious Diseases is a specialty field of medicine that affects all areas of Primary Care to include: FM, IM, EM and Pediatrics, this course was designed to cover the spectrum of Infectious Diseases essential to all practitioners at the level of a practicing physician.

Past Events

   Pediatric Infectious Diseases: An Evidence-Based Approach  26-30 Apr 2010, Sarasota, FL, United States (691)

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