PLC Training Seminar


The PLC Training Seminar covers topics such as:

  • PLC Ladder Logic
  • Basic use Rockwell RSLogix Software
  • RS Logic Instruction types
  • Is it normally open or normally closed?
  • Adjusting Timers and Counters
  • MCR, JSR and basic structure of a PLC program
  • Symbols (tags) and rung descriptions
  • What is integers, binary, floating point data memory areas
  • Understanding scan cycle
  • Searching ladder logic
  • Backing up your PLC programs
  • Standard Operating Practices (SOP)
  • Reliable operating procedures
  • Protecting your PLC programs
  • Documenting change
  • EPROM for zero downtime
  • File Management
  • Safety while troubleshooting
  • Basic troubleshooting theory
  • Downloading and Uploading
  • The most common problems
  • Troubleshoot Actual Problems
  • Tracing and monitoring input and outputs
  • Relating your PLC program to the real world
  • Using RsLogix`s Advanced Diagnostics
  • How to recover quickly from lightning and other power problems

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