PLC Training Workshop


The PLC Training Workshop covers topics such as:

  • Troubleshoot Actual Problems
    • How to recover quickly from lightning and other power problems
    • Relating your PLC program to the real world
    • Actual troubleshooting exercise
    • Tracing and monitoring input and outputs
    • Using RsLogix`s ™ Advanced Diagnostics
    • The most common problems
    • Basic troubleshooting theory
  • Setup PLC Hardware and New Program
    • Setup PLC IO
    • Configure PLC Drivers
    • Create a New PLC Program
    • Set up PLC Communication
    • Document PLC Program
    • How to Structure a PLC Program
    • Writing Diagnostic and Troubleshooting rungs
    • PLC Programming Tips
  • PLC Ladder Logic
    • Symbols and rung descriptions
    • Adjusting Timers and Counters
    • MCR, JSR and basic structure of a PLC program
    • A basic rung of logic
    • What is integers, binary, floating point data memory areas
    • Instruction types
    • Is it normally open or normally closed?
  • Standard Operating Practices (SOP)
    • Protecting your PLC programs
    • EPROM for zero downtime
    • File Management
    • Documenting change
    • Backing up your PLC programs
    • Reliable operating procedures
    • Downloading and Uploading
    • Safety while troubleshooting
  • Basic use RSLogix ™ Software
    • Working efficiently with tool bars
    • Starting RSLinx ™ and RSLogix &trade
    • How to find your own answers using software
    • Forces Enabled/Disabled safely
    • PC to PLC Communications
    • On Line and Off Line Operation
    • Burning the EPROM
    • Communicating with the PLC
    • Data files and subroutines
    • Find your way around in large PLC programs
    • Quickly compare PLC program copies
    • Questions from the audience
    • Using RsLogix ™ as your second troubleshooting partner

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