Polymer Foam US 2019

  • 18-19 June 2019
  • Pittsburgh Marriott City Center Hotel, PA, United States

Polymer Foam US 2019 is a conference dedicated to foam technology and applications in thermoplastic and elastomeric products.

Polymer Foam US 2019 covers topics such as:

  • Syntactic foams
  • Physical foam blowing
  • Adapting existing equipment and mold flow design for foam production
  • Foam processing technology such as structural foam molding, steam chest molding and sheet extrusion
  • Controlling foam structure: microcellular, nanocellular, integral skin, flexible and rigid foam
  • Testing and properties of foams
  • Reducing material use and weight by foaming
  • 3D manufacturing of foam, structural foam moulding, foam extrusion, steam chest moulding
  • Compounding additives and materials for foams
  • Foamability and properties of polymer materials
  • Innovations and cutting edge research
  • Key applications and property requirements, case studies and reviews, e.g. construction insulation, packaging, automotive, medical
  • Sustainability
  • Regulations and testing

Polymer Foam US 2019 brings together attendees involved or interested in foam.

Polymer Foam US 2019 will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, United States on 18-19 June 2019.


Pittsburgh Marriott City Center Hotel
112 Washington Place,
United States
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890-1290 US Dollar
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Past and Future Events

  • Polymer Foam US 2020 - 2020, Pittsburgh, United States (53674)
  • Polymer Foam US 2019 - 18-19 Jun 2019, Pittsburgh, United States (53673)
  • Polymer Foam US 2018 - 19-20 Jun 2018, Pittsburgh, United States (46772)


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