PREDiCT: Autoimmune Disease Modeling Summit


The PREDiCT: Autoimmune Disease Modeling Summit is dedicated to the latest therapeutic targets to deepen understanding of disease pathogenesis and improve drug development.

The PREDiCT: Autoimmune Disease Modeling Summit covers topics such as:

  • Latest Progress Applying Combination Therapeutics Targeting RA & IBD
  • New Targets for the Treatment of Autoimmunity – CD6 & CD13
  • Targeted Approach to Treating Multiple Sclerosis Using Microbiology & Immunology
  • Effector vs. Regulatory T Cell Disbalance During Chronic Inflammation
  • Investigating the Potential of aE Integrin in IBD
  • A Novel Biologics Platform for Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy
  • The Benefits of Nanoformulation-based Therapies to promote antigenspecific immune tolerance
  • Modeling Antigen-specific Immune Tolerance Therapies

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