PSA: The Pharmaceutical Strategy and Alliances Conference

PSA: The Pharmaceutical Strategy and Alliances Conference covers topics such as:

  • Right-Sizing R&D for Optimum Productivity: What Drives Growth?
  • The 21st Century Big Pharma: How Much Should Industry`s Larger Players be Investing in R&D?
  • After the Acquisition: Can Big Biotechs Thrive as Research Hubs Inside Big Pharma?
  • Improve R&D Productivity through Better Decision-Making
  • Market Access Panel: New Payment Mechanisms for Breakthrough Medicines
  • The Opportunities — And Risks — For Pharma in Digital Health
  • Investor Panel: Crossover Investors at the Crossroad — A Look at Valuations, the State of Biotech Exits, and Exit Strategies
  • Commercial Panel: Innovating in "Mature" Markets and Finding Your Niche
  • Making Sure the Drug Price is Right
  • Business Development Panel: Checkpoint, Please! Dealmaking Intensifies in Oncology
  • Taking Stock of Development Incentives: QIDP and Breakthrough Designation
  • Biosimilars are Here. Now What?

PSA: The Pharmaceutical Strategy and Alliances Conference brings together senior attendees from the pharmaceuticals industry.


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