Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - Washington, DC

The Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - Washington, DC provides knowledge on how to recognize and apply over 50 principles of interactive persuasive psychology, including design recipes.

The Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - Washington, DC covers topics such as:

  • Setting realistic expectations for online influence
  • Motivational psychology & digital media
  • Auditing psychological architectures
  • Science of persuasive psychology & optimization (made easy)
  • Building emotional relations with digital media, technology & brands
  • The Persuasive Design Toolkit
  • Core elements of a motivating message
  • Source credibility & trust
  • How different media control persuasive design options
  • Audience factors that make or break influence
  • Capturing user feedback, through sensors, research, APIs & more
  • Boosting impacts with style: simplicity, structure, framing, design & more
  • Social psychology & environmental factors
  • Psychological opportunities that depend on user feedback
  • Exercise: Identifying psychological ingredients
  • Networks, influencers & viral diffusion
  • Prototyping tools for campaigns & desktop/mobile engagement
  • Psychological architectures: gamification, landing pages, selling & more
  • Optimization psychology & iterative improvement
  • Exercise: Building desktop/mobile applications that convert

The Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - Washington, DC brings together:

  • Graphic designers and interactive designers
  • Usability and UI/UX professionals
  • Product managers and digital project managers
  • Digital marketing and advertising specialists
  • Conversion optimization & marketing researchers
  • Health promotion specialists


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