Quality Control in Seismic Acquisition


Quality Control in Seismic Acquisition is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Geometry
  • Survey design (before start the seismic project)
  • Source parameters
  • Seismograph and other proposed equipment
  • Source and receiver parameter tests
  • Receiver parameters
  • Depth of holes
  • Source with explosives
  • Type of charge
  • Size of charge
  • Source with vibrators
  • Tests processing
  • Length of sweeps
  • Frequency of sweeps
  • Tests processing
  • Type of sweeps
  • Quantity of geophones by receiver station
  • Receiver
  • QC Topography
  • Arrange of geophones
  • Audit the total of equipments offered by the contractor (GPS, total stations, computers, software, printers, plotters)
  • Check equipments (total stations and GPS)
  • Secondary topographic net
  • Main topographic net
  • Topographic tolerance
  • Pre-plot and post-plot
  • Drilling and holes loaded (if working with explosives)
  • Line clearance environment tolerance
  • SP depth
  • Drilling operations
  • Up-hole times
  • Loading procedures
  • LVL
  • Explosive balance
  • Up-hole locations
  • Refractions location
  • Up-hole depth
  • Refraction cable design
  • Recording
  • LVL interpretation
  • Tests before start
  • Audit equipment
  • Monthly tests
  • Daily tests
  • Skip SP or VP
  • Moving SP or VP
  • Stand by time
  • Laying geophones
  • Processing
  • Noise level
  • Picked velocities
  • Flowcharts
  • Brief description of field process
  • Quality brute stack Delivery data
  • Audit the camp (bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, fuel storage, lights, food storage, workshops, offices, etc)
  • HSE
  • Audit the explosive magazine
  • Audit the vehicles
  • Medevac PPE
  • Explosive loading procedures
  • Minimum safety distances
  • HSE field operation (survey, drilling, loading, laying, picking-up, etc)
  • Garbage disposition
  • HSE statistics
  • Communication
  • Grey and black water disposition Drills
  • Weekly report
  • Others tasks Daily report
  • Final report
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly contractor invoice
  • Data base

Quality Control in Seismic Acquisition brings together technical professionals with studies in earth science, geology and geophysics, geodesy, topography, civil engineering with less than 10 years experience in seismic acquisition including entry level professionals and technicians.

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