Renewable Energy World Asia Conference & Expo


Renewable Energy World Asia Conference & Expo is dedicated to renewable and alternative energy and focuses on the technologies, developments, products and case studies for the renewable power generation sector.

Renewable Energy World Asia Conference & Expo covers topics such as:

  • Technology
    • Grid Integration (Connection, Smart Grids & Micro Grids)
    • Offshore Wind
    • Biomass/Biogas/Bioliquids Case Study
    • Improving Forecasting, Remote Monitoring and Systems Management
    • Resource/Site Assessment
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Hybrid Power Plants, (Solar CCGT & Solar Coal, Solar PV And Thermal)
    • Small Wind
    • On-Site Renewables and Building Integration
    • Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling
    • Solar Photovoltaics
    • Onshore Wind
    • Demand Side Management and Distributed Generation
    • Emerging Renewables
    • Geothermal Power and Heat Engines
    • Concentrating Solar Thermal
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Concentrating Solar Photovoltaics
  • Hydropower
    • Policy/Markets and Financing/ Regulatory Risk And Security/ Environmental Impacts
    • Pumped Storage/Grid Balancing/ Integrating Variable Renewable Capacity
    • Sedimentation
    • O&M/Diagnostics and Monitoring
    • Dams and Hydraulic Structures/ Spill Ways/Gates/Raceways/Tunneling
    • Fish Passage/Protection
    • New Hydro and Novel Technologies
    • Turbine/Generator Advances
    • Land Acquisition/Resettlement/ Rehabilitation
    • Small/Micro Hydro/Run of River Developments
    • Supply Chain Issues and Development
    • Regional Issues – Resource Management and Regional Development / Mekong Development
    • Site Assessment
    • Resource Assessment
    • Life Extension/Repowering/ Renovation/ Operations and Maintenance Best Practices/Reliability and Safety
  • Strategic
    • Manufacturing and Equipment Supply & Construction Capacity Constraints
    • Building a Domestic Manufacturing Industry
    • Addressing the Skilled Manpower Shortage
    • Integrating renewable variable outputs
    • Accessing Equity Capital for Renewable Energy
    • Realistic Pricing/Tariffs
    • Building an Export Market
    • Incentives for Renewables/ Renewable Energy Certificate Initiatives
    • How to Achieve Grid Parity
    • Risk Management, Insurance, Return on Investment, Acquiring RE Projects
    • Biofuel Supply Chain Issues
    • Rural Electrification Utilizing Renewable Energy
    • Project Development & Financing
    • Attracting Domestic & Foreign Investment
    • Regulatory Issues
    • Renewable Energy Policy & Strategy
    • Developing Bio Power Energy

Renewable Energy World Asia Conference & Expo brings together senior management, plant operators, engineers and consultants from Independent power producers, Public and private power utilities, OEMs, Cogenerators / self generators, Project developers, Government agencies, Consultants and Engineers, Environment agencies, Coal, oil and gas operating companies.

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