Mitigating your exposure to risk by implementing a set framework of internal controls in order to transform your business into a manageable entity

Internal Control itself exists to keep performance or a state of affairs within what is expected, allowed or accepted. Setting objectives is a key part for management to play as they can effectively identify risks to the achievement of those objectives and in order to address these risks, management of organizations may implement specific internal controls. The effectiveness of internal control can then be measured by how well the objectives are achieved and how effectively the risks are addressed. Risk management and internal audit have grown and developed over the years to be one of the most important positions in any company, but now as the world waits to see how markets will fare, their role has become increasingly important and demanding.

Currently, most industries are still battling with the impact of the global recession and require practical insights into how to prepare for future downturns and at the same time, remaining competitive within the industry. Companies across the globe are requiring better management of their current and expected risks as market uncertainty deepens and to ensure growth by mitigating risks effectively to counterbalance strain. This, together with the evolving regulations within Southern Africa has created much misunderstanding and uncertainty within the industry. With the new Companies Act as well as the voluntary King III being realized, many within the industry are attempting to identify how these regulations, and the subsequent implementation of them will affect their company.

This conference is aimed at the highest level of risk management and internal control functions of a company, as this conference offers practical solutions and suggestions on how to overcome the challenges of risk and internal control. By examining case studies and practical methods of what other companies are currently putting in place to mitigate their risk, you will be able to apply these frameworks efficiently in your company.

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