San Francisco Trading Technology Summit

The San Francisco Trading Technology Summit covers topics such as:

  • The implication of the lack of liquidity on banks, trading firms and the buy-side
  • What is liquidity today? understanding who is actually accessing it and at what cost?
  • How to overcome mini flash crashes? should it be monitored by regulators? which market is most exposed to mini crashes?
  • Are we prepared for a liquidity crisis?
  • Trading strategies
  • How liquidity differs between markets
  • What are bitcoin and blockchain?
  • Developments in transaction cost analysis (tca): do they live up to industry requirements?
  • The emerging role of derivative instruments and impact on digital currency trading
  • The rise and fall of bitcoin- to what extent is the risk rewarded? how susceptible to cyber threats is bitcoin in comparison to more traditional methods?
  • Applying the blockchain technology to achieve efficient trading, settlement and other capital markets uses
  • Valuation challenges of digital currencies and how this impacts strategies, portfolios, etc
  • Transparency - partially public/open ledgers
  • The suitability of blockchain, particularly for permissioned groups with known participants. practical challenges of blockchain`s adoption
  • Optimal vendor management, contract negotiation and slas
  • Enhancing your technology infrastructure to increase your performance, agility and speed of change
  • Sourcing and retaining it talent
  • Outsourcing issues

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San Francisco Trading Technology Summit 2020


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