Selected Topics in Primary Care and Emergency Medicine for PCPs Cruise


Selected Topics in Primary Care and Emergency Medicine for PCPs Cruise is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • There is a What in My ED (or Clinic)?
    • Assess returning travelers presenting with varied complaints
    • Identify common and not so common diseases of travelers and immigrants
    • Discuss treatment options
  • Travel Medicine: Preparation and Prevention
    • List commonly needed Immunizations for travelers
    • Assess appropriately the medical risk to the traveler
    • Utilize travel medicine related website resources
    • Implement helpful travel preventative treatments
  • Medical Error Reduction: Optimizing Outcomes and Patient Safety
    • Discuss how functioning as a team with open communication and no fault reporting can help prevent errors
    • Identify potential sources of medical errors in the way they approach pt assessment and diagnosis
    • Iincorporate this understanding into their approach to patients
  • Tackling the Opiate Crisis: An overview of Suboxone
    • Identify potential candidates for suboxone (or other MAT) treatment
    • Discuss the role suboxone can play in the treatment of an opiate addict
    • Review the limits of treatment
  • Death by Breathing: Reassessment of the ABCs in resusciation
    • Identify errors in ventilation
    • Describe the dangers of excessive ventilation
    • Apply this information in the treatment of respiratory and cardiac arrest
    • List the techniques to mitigate and correct this
  • Updates in the Management of CV and CAD from Office to the ED
    • Incorporate the latest guidelines and recommendations into daily practice
    • Summarize some of the changes in guidelines
    • Describe changes in EMS and ED care of the patient with chest pain or STEMI
    • Rapidly identify a STEMI on ECG
  • Death by Oxygen: Reassessing the need for oxygen in all patients
    • Describe the goals and targets of oxygen therapy
    • Identify the conditions for which hyperoxemia is potentially dangerous
    • Apply this information in patient care

Selected Topics in Primary Care and Emergency Medicine for PCPs Cruise brings together:

  • Physician Assistants
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurse Practitioners

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