Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM)

  • Mar 2021 (Not Final)
  • Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC), China


Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) presents products and services such as:

  • Cutlery & Tools Exhibition
    • Tool - Handwork tool,power-driven tool, pneumatic tool,etc
    • Cutting-tool - Processing cuttings with different molding surfaces, combination cuttings, non-standard cuttings, paintcoat cuttings, cutting materials, cutting accessories
    • Measuring tools & Measuring instruments - Tool presetter;measuring instruments of cutting,Laser interferometer,various inspection tools of length,heat, power,electricity,mechanical property instruments and equipments,three-coordinate measuring instruments,etc
    • Abrasive tools - Grinding machine,Grinding tools with various types,such as some used to consolidate or paint,some are made with superhard materials or fibers,Grinding materials,Grinding parts and auxiliary
    • Lathe accessory and others
    • Industry`Fixture - Chuck,ejector`pins,workingstage,revolving stage,dividing head,safty protection device,sucker,vise for machine,ect
  • Mould Making Technology & Product Exhibition
    • Mold parts - Mold carrier, guide pin &guide bushing, ejector pin, ejector sleeve, side core pulling assembly, spring, location plate, punch pin, inserts, hot-runner, etc
    • Mold & products - Injection mold, stamping mold, die casting mold, melting mold,motor products
    • Software for mould design,CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM
    • Material &Consuming Goods - Steel, copper, alloy material, raw plastic material, lubricant, antirust additive, grinding, etc
  • Metal Processing Industry Exhibition
    • Forming Machine tool - Bending, stamping, shearing,stamping &shearing,elbow,wire and coil materials(preform)transmission equipments,etc
    • Metal Cutting Machine Tool - Lathe, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, sawing, machining centers(horizontal, vertical, gantry, multi-tasking machining centers),etc
    • Numerical Control Systems & Digital-Display Devices & Automation - NC Systems,private server drive devices,location detection systems (optical grating,magnetic grating, ball grating) etc
    • Specialized Machine Tool and Special Equipment - Electric sparks(forming, cutting and micropore processing),electrolysis, laser cutting,carving machine/engraving& milling machines, etc
    • Machine Tool Parts and Auxiliary Parts - The main shaft,screw shaft,straight-line rails/electric motors,gear/ belt pulley,driving head, pneumatic/hydraulic parts,lubricant cooling systems,etc
    • Testing and Measurement Equipments - Coordinate measuring instrument,laser interferometers, various kinds of micrometer,block gauges/plug gauges/ring gauges,slabs/chips,surface roughness gauges,etc
  • Machinery Automation Exhibition
    • The Showcases of the precise sensor-based and detecting system
    • The intelligent robot showcases - concentrates on displaying a variety multi-joined and high freedom industry robots, service robots, simulating robots, vision system and related machine, devices and components
    • The numerical control system and performing servo showcases
    • Shows the Sensor and implementing system, data acquisition and distinguishing system, man-machine interface, the industry image processing, the measuring and testing system
    • The Driver control and machinery components showcases
    • Displays the machine tool equipment programmable control system(PLC),distributed control system(DCS), industry network and the present multiplex system, the processing control system, the performing servo system, frequency transformer, current transformer
    • Presents a variety of Mechanical drive units, such as electric motors, pump, servo motor, electrical main shaft, straight-line rails, screw shaft, reduction box, shaft connector, divide chuck, the pneumatic& hydraulic components, function units of machine tool equipment

Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) might be held in Shenzhen, China in Mar 2021 (Not Final).


Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC)
Fuhua 3rd Road,
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More Details

China Shenzhen Machinery Association, Shenzhen Dandelion Convention & Exhibition CO., Ltd., Shenzhen Xieguang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Future Events

  • Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) - Mar 2021, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC), Shenzhen, China (41149)

Past Events

  • Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2020) - 30 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC), Shenzhen, China (41148)
  • Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2019) - 28-31 Mar 2019, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC), Shenzhen, China (48324)


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