SPE Workshop: Innovative Arctic Technologies

The SPE Workshop: Innovative Arctic Technologies is dedicated to petroleum engineering workshop: exploration, development, and production in norway.

The SPE Workshop: Innovative Arctic Technologies covers topics such as:

  • High activity in northern areas with plenty of developments and new fields, some recent successes
  • The latest big achievements by the key operators
  • The world’s biggest spar platform Aasta Hansteen is currently ready for production
  • The polarled gas export pipeline is the first to cross the arctic circle, connecting the area with the gas network in Europe
  • The Snøhvit project, worlds northern and most energy effective LNG plant, recently added a new CO2 injection well to their CCS capability
  • Construction is soon to start on the northernmost FPSO development of Johan Castberg
  • The Skarv and Goliat fields have started production and are looking for opportunities for tie-ins

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