Surface Warships

  • 19-21 Jan 2021
  • London, United Kingdom


The Surface Warships is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Ndp concept design processes and tools
  • Overview of the naval design partnership
  • Britain’s blueprint for success
  • Ship design project examples including type 26 concept phase and associated studies
  • Training future royal navy personnel to operate in versatile environments
  • State of the art propulsion systems for surface vessels
  • The role of surface combatants in rapid deployment operations
  • Innovative danish shipbuilding for unique operational environments
  • The process of standardisation and technological evaluation
  • The operational need for nato interoperability in military ad-hoc ip networks at sea
  • Current standardisation and on-board implementation status
  • Role of reproducible and cost-effective performance testing
  • Improving the transference of data and intelligence between vessels to uphold information superiority in the battle space domain
  • Working with existing c4i systems; the challenges and objections to their capabilities
  • The role of the current surface combatants in operational use with the philippines navy
  • Allowing for multi-national interoperability through an open architecture design
  • Ensure immediate deployment of its surface combatant fleet by outlining the navy’s strategies
  • The brb ramon alcaraz frigate; successfully integrating the frigate into future maritime operations
  • The future of shipbuilding programmes in the italian navy
  • The f110 frigate; a solution to mission modularity
  • Chinese naval capabilities and potential as a future maritime power
  • Maritime capability development in eda for europe

The Surface Warships will be held in London, United Kingdom on 19-21 Jan 2021.

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799-2799 Pound Sterling

Future Events

  • Surface Warships - 19-21 Jan 2021, London, United Kingdom (32334)
  • Surface Warships - Jan 2022, London, United Kingdom (42516)

Past Events

  • Surface Warships 2020 - 28-30 Jan 2020, Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, London, United Kingdom (18956)


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