The Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation


The 12th MESOT Congress will bring together a large number of regional speakers and experts in the field of organ transplantation in Tunisia. Along with acquiring the latest knowledge, the warm friendliness of the people of Tunisia, will provide an opportunity for the delegates to see hospitable land of colors and contrasts, spices and scents and to enjoy its natural beauty and lively festivals.

Topics will include:
  1. Immunobiology and basic science
  2. Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine
  3. Immunosuppression
  4. Organ procurement, Preservation, Donors
  5. Ethics and Economics
  6. Surgical techniques
  7. Kidney Transplantation
  8. Liver and small bowel Transplantation
  9. Islets and Pancreas Transplantation
  10. Cardiac and lung transplantation
  11. Combined and Multivisceral Transplantation
  12. Pediatric Transplantation
  13. Composite tissue
  14. Infectious Diseases 
  15. Malignancies
  16. Post Transplant Diabetes Mellitus & Other Metabolic complications
  17. Cardiovascular Complications and Hypertension
  18. Post Transplant Bone Disease
  19. Surgery complications
  20. Stem cell and bone marrow Transplantation
  21. Registries, Countries Reports
  22. Technical devices
  23. Other

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