The Green Power Mini MBA on Renewable Energy Santiago

The Green Power Mini MBA on Renewable Energy Santiago is a course that covers topics such as:

  • The fundamentals of the technologies, market impacts, opportunities and challenges for Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro and Ocean energy (wave & tidal)
  • How renewable resources, technologies, policies and investors interconnect to determine market growth and project development
  • The finances of renewable energy from country scales to project level investor returns
  • The factors determining how renewable energy fits into the energy market, the timescales over which it can scale, and how governments and external influences change these
  • EXERCISE: an innovative, thought-provoking, team-based project designed to put all these learning points into practice

The Green Power Mini MBA on Renewable Energy Santiago is intended for:

  • Energy Utilities and Users
  • Power Generators & Fuel Producers
  • Transmission/Distribution System Operators
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • Commercial Services Suppliers (Law, Insurance, EIA etc.)
  • Energy Technology Vendors and EPC Contractors
  • Policymakers, Policy Advisors and NGOs
  • Investors, including Commercial and Development banks, VCs and Private Equity
  • Market Analysts & Consultants


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