The International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio COCORA


The International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio (COCORA) covers topics such as:

  • Mechanisms and protocols
    Distributed algorithms for spectrum detection and cooperative spectrum sensing, Interoperability, interference and co-existence of dissimilar wireless networks, Transient behavior and stability analysis in cognitive networking, Models and fundamental limits of cognitive networking, Software radio and radio resource allocation, Cognitive MAC, multicast, and routing protocols for heterogeneous networks with highly dynamic topology, Spectrum policy reform issues and standardization
  • Fundamentals
    Collaborative radio networks, Cognitive radio and network architectures, Agile spectrum and dynamic spectrum sharing techniques, Information theory and performance limits of dynamic spectrum access, Cross-layer algorithms based on spectrum sensing techniques, Cognitive spectrum sharing, coexistence, and interoperability, Collaboration optimization and refinement, Cognitive radio sensing in the large and feature detection, Connectivity, capacity, and scalability of heterogeneous systems via cognitive networking, Collaborative spectrum sensing schemes with weighted user contributions, Auction and pricing models for dynamic spectrum sharing
  • Measurement and management
    Interference measurements and metrics, Software radio and cognitive radio management, Security and robustness issues in cognitive networking, Spectrum and performance management in cognitive radio networks, QoS provisioning in adaptive, spectrum agile, and cognitive networks, Cooperative resource management and optimization, Traffic patterns, topology, mobility, and interference tolerance in cognitive networking, Context management, sensing, reasoning and context acquisition, Sensing and feedback mechanism in cognitive networking and the associated cost, Statistical inference and cognition with from measurements that are inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, and delayed measurements and Cognitive radio with reinforcement learning
  • Processing and devices
    Cognitive and collaborative radio architecture for equipments, Propagation channel modeling and utilization, MIMO, advanced signal processing, and smart antennas, Transceivers and front-end technologies, SOC and SiP, High-speed and broadband wireless technologies, Primary transmitter shadowing and fading, Hardware reconfigurability, Software defined radios and cognitive radios, Passive antennas and Smart antennas
  • Applications
    Wideband sensing and multiband agile wireless networks, Cognitive radio applications, Flexible and opportunistic wireless access, Future Internet with cognitive technologies, Simulation of cognitive wireless networks, Multimedia communications through cognitive networks, Cognitive radio test-beds and hardware prototypes

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