The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP)

The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP) covers topics such as:

  • Case studies and emerging technologies
  • 3D imaging
  • Computational geometry
  • Color and texture
  • E-Learning applications and computer graphics
  • Computer art and entertainment (including games)
  • Fractal geometry and applications
  • Emerging technologies
  • Human-computer interfaces
  • Graphics algorithms and applications
  • Image feature extraction
  • Image compression, coding, and encryption
  • Immersive virtual reality
  • Image geometry and multi-view geometry
  • Knowledge-based recognition
  • Interactive digital media
  • Modeling of natural scenes and phenomena
  • Machine architectures/engines for graphics and VR
  • Object recognition
  • Multimedia Systems and Applications
  • Shadows, translucency and visibility
  • Real-time rendering for VR
  • Software tools for virtual reality
  • Simulation and virtual reality
  • Virtual environments
  • Surface modeling
  • Virtual reality software tools and languages
  • Virtual laboratories
  • Visualization
  • Virtual reality, visualization, and education
  • Classification and clustering techniques
  • Case studies
  • Computer animation
  • Compression methods
  • Emerging display technologies
  • Curves and meshes
  • Graph theory in image processing and vision
  • Face recognition, face detection, and gesture recognition
  • Illumination and reflection techniques
  • Haptic devices and techniques
  • Image generation, acquisition, and processing
  • Image data structures for computer graphics
  • Integration of virtual reality and multimedia
  • Image-based modeling and algorithms
  • Learning and assessment based on virtual reality approaches
  • Interactive techniques
  • Modeling techniques
  • Machine learning technologies for vision
  • Real-time collision detection algorithms
  • Multimodal display systems
  • Signal and speech processing
  • Rendering methods
  • Sound rendering technologies
  • Software tools for computer graphics
  • Virtual humans and artificial life
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Virtual reality techniques for behavioral and cognitive assessment
  • Virtual reality and emerging applications
  • Web 3D and applications
  • Visual computing and graphics

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The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP) 2020


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