The International Conference on Data, Information and Knowledge Management (DIKM)

The International Conference on Data, Information and Knowledge Management (DIKM) covers topics such as:

  • Data Quality, Cleaning and Lineage
  • Data Warehousing and Mining
  • Data/Information Extraction and Integration
  • Data/Metadata Management
  • Parallel and Distributed Databases
  • Data/Information and Knowledge Exchange/Sharing
  • Multimedia Databases
  • Peer-to-peer Databases
  • Digital Libraries
  • Mobile Databases
  • Database Languages and Models
  • Physical and Logical Database Design
  • Object-oriented DBMS
  • Database Monitoring and Tuning
  • Knowledge Acquisition / Information Retrieval
  • Knowledge Discovery from Databases
  • Knowledge Dynamics
  • Knowledge Representation Models
  • Knowledge Creation and Validation
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge Management and Synthesis
  • Knowledge Coaching and Diffusion
  • Knowledge Semantics Processing and Ontology
  • Knowledge Management Processes
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Link Analysis and Community Discovery
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Semantic Integration
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Information Management Systems
  • Optimization and Information Technology
  • Modeling, Interfaces, Visualization and Performance
  • Security and Privacy Issues
  • Emerging Technologies for Management


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