The international conference On Future Smart Cities (FSC)

The international conference On Future Smart Cities (FSC) is dedicated to research and knowledge for cities transformation into Smart cities.

The international conference On Future Smart Cities (FSC) covers topics such as:

  • Transportation In Cities
    • Traffic cameras
    • Smart traffic analysis & management -Smart city mobility solutions
    • Smart Vehicles
    • Pedestrians & Cyclists, safety
    • Autonomous intelligent transportation systems
    • Logistics, Manufacturing & implementation
    • Smart Grid
  • The Development Of Cities
    • Sustainable urban development - Development services
    • Smart city development plan - Sustainable cities
    • Urban Framework for a smart city
    • Smart Economy for a sustainable development
    • Smart developments of cultural tourism and heritage sites
    • Smart Healthcare, & Emergency management
  • Sustainability In Cities
    • Sustainable Economic
    • Sustainability of natural resources
    • Infrastructure Integration
    • Sustainable Design
    • Sustainable Utilities
  • Smart Building
    • Smart home devices
    • Home automation system
    • Intelligent building management system -Smart home software
    • Green building design
  • Computing For Future Cities
    • Internet of Things & Big Data Analysis in Smart Cities
    • Technology in a sustainable transformation
    • The role of computers in communication technology
    • ICT of education
    • Awareness for smart cities and its deliverance

The international conference On Future Smart Cities (FSC) brings together all scholars or interested people.


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