The Magic of Conflict


The Magic of Conflict is dedicated to How to create a safe "container" so we may feel free to express our truth.

The Magic of Conflict covers topics such as:

  • Be more responsive, rather than reactive, when "negative" or "positive" emotions arise while we`re working through conflicts
  • How to become more comfortable, confident, and masterful with the process of conflict
  • To be more receptive to our own inner guidance as it arises when processing a conflict
  • How to stand up for ourselves when dealing with "bullies" and others who we experience as being in a "one-up" position in relation to ourselves
  • Five possible strategies to use when we`re engaged in external conflict
  • The value of distinguishing what position we are in: our own side, our opponent`s side, or in a neutral position
  • How to create a safe "container" so we may feel free to express our truth

The Magic of Conflict brings together senior attendees from:

  • CFO`S
  • CEO`S
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Human Resources

Future Events

The Magic of Conflict 2020


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