The Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class

The Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class covers topics such as:

  • Hedge Fund Track
    • State Nexus, Sourcing Rules and other SALT Issues Affecting Hedge Funds
    • Hedge Fund Tax and Regulatory Update: Evaluating and Implementing Recent Developments
    • Manager Compensation: Trends and Strategies in Structuring Compensation
    • Accommodating the Tax and Regulatory Needs of Tax-Exempt Investors
    • Latest on PFIC Regulations and Reporting Requirements
    • FATCA Phase 2: A Brass-Tacks, PRACTICAL Guide to Staying Compliant
    • Working Through Tax Implications of Foreign Investment Withholding
    • Taxation of Derivatives - Swaps, Options and Other Instruments
    • Handling Informational Reporting for Hedge Funds
    • Handling Issues Relative to Inbound Tax Matters
    • 1256 Contracts, Section 988 and Straddles
    • Wash Sales, Short Sales, Constructive Sales and Constructive Ownership Transactions
    • Tax Analysis and Reporting for Lending and Debt Instruments
    • Advanced Currency Hedging
  • Private Equity Track
    • Addressing State and Local Tax Issues Affecting Private Equity Funds
    • State of the Industry - New, Key Developments That Every Private Equity Fund Should Be Aware Of
    • Interactive Forum Addressing Private Equity`s Most Pressing Issues
    • Fund Formation Considerations - Potential Hurdles and Opportunities in This Current Environment
    • Investments in Flow-Through Entities - Acquisitions, Ownerships, and Disposition
    • IRS Audit Guide: What to Expect if/when the IRS Pays a Visit
    • Working Through Common Tax Implications of Foreign Investments
    • Advanced Compensation Structures for Managers, GPs and Portfolio Players
    • Use of Treaties for Increased Tax Efficiency
    • Tax Considerations for Foreign Investors and Investments Coming Into the US
    • Tax Considerations for Investments in Debt Products
    • Exploring the Potential Impact of BEPS on Private Equity Funds - It`s Not Just a Corporate Issue
    • Private Equity Tax Compliance and Reporting Best Practices
    • Practical Guide to FATCA Compliance

The Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class brings together Private Equity Fund and Hedge Fund Executives with the following responsibilities and roles::

  • Controllers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • General Partners
  • Tax Managers/Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • In-house counsel

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The Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class 2020


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