TriestEspresso Expo 2020

October 2020 (Not Final)

TriestEspresso Expo 2020 might be held in Trieste, Italy in October 2020 (Not Final).

TriestEspresso Expo 2020 is an exhibition that exhibits products such as:

  • Coffee equipment and machinery - roasting, processing, brewing, grinders and packaging.
  • All kinds of coffee - green coffee, roasted coffee, decaffeinated coffee, organic coffee
  • Water cleaning systems
  • Coffee accessories
  • Clothing
  • Industrial adhesives
  • Cocoa

TriestEspresso Expo 2020 brings together international coffee industry professionals.


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Past and Future Events

  TriestEspresso Expo 2020  Oct 2020, Trieste, Italy (33161)
  TriestEspresso Expo 2018  25-27 Oct 2018, Trieste, Italy (18674)
  TriestEspresso Expo 2016  20-22 Oct 2016, Trieste, Italy (5016)


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

Prices are for evaluation only.

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