UCSF Otolaryngology Update

The UCSF Otolaryngology Update is a course that covers topics such as:

  • The latest treatment guidelines for the use of Eustachian Tube dilation techniques
  • New treatments of tinnitus based upon neurobiology
  • Societal expectations of competency and the role of maintenance of certification in securing consumer confidence
  • Changes in current practice pertaining to pediatric and adult obstructive sleep apnea treatment
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery techniques to skull base tumor surgery
  • The current role of trans-oral robotic surgery in the treatment paradigm of the unknown primary cancer
  • A variety of options in the consideration of re-animating the paralyzed face
  • The current state of Menieres Disease therapeutic options and the current state of applicability of bone anchored hearing aids
  • Counsel patients on the current state of sialendoscopy and outcomes of the technique indifferent disease processes
  • The most appropriate options that can be employed to evaluate , treat , and follow patients with CSF leaks

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UCSF Otolaryngology Update 2020


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