Unlocking Over 50s Spend 2019

  • 26 June 2019
  • Museum of London Docklands, United Kingdom

Unlocking Over 50s Spend 2019 is a conference dedicated to advanced strategies to unlock the spending power of over 50s.

Unlocking Over 50s Spend 2019 covers topics such as:

  • Cut Through With The Right Multi-Channel Mix: Consistently reach your various audiences and align marketing spend with true consumption trends
  • Insights Into The Behaviours, Needs & Spending Habits Of Over 50s Personas: Unravel this diverse audience’s psyche and purchasing habits to boost your sales
  • Advanced Social Media Strategies: Turn social media platform and usage insights into authentic, relevant content and campaigns to unlock spending power
  • Trends In Over 50s’ Digital Behaviours: Delve into the online and device habits of various segments for accurate targeting
  • Engaging & Relevant Communications? Create best-in-class brand engagement and drive sales with messaging that truly resonates
  • Accurately Segmenting Over 50s: With such a wide variety of behaviours shown by 50+ audiences, how do you best profile, segment and target?
  • Unlocking The Purchasing Power Of The Over 50s: Investigating the true spending power of older audiences and tapping into this lucrative market
  • Attracting Younger Consumers: Broaden your consumer base, market to younger demographics and secure your future customer pipeline - without alienating anyone!
  • Accurate & Insightful Measurement: Ensure profitable activities with robust attribution and performance reporting

Unlocking Over 50s Spend 2019 will be held in London, United Kingdom on 26 June 2019.


Museum of London Docklands
No.1 Warehouse, W India Dock Rd,
United Kingdom
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599-699 Pound Sterling
GIC - Global Insight Conferences Ltd
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  • Unlocking Over 50s Spend 2019 - 26 Jun 2019, London, United Kingdom (83774)


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