Utopian and Sacred Architecture Studies


Utopian and Sacred Architecture Studies is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • The Utopian Realm
    • Utopian new life style
    • Utopian history
    • Reality and utopian anthropology
    • Real life environmental architecture
    • Difference between utopia and reality
  • The Advent Of Utopia
    • Historical influence of ancient cities on new life
    • Utopia and religious and spiritual architecture
    • Architectural and liturgical reforms in the first half of the twentieth century
    • Reconstruction of old theological buildings
    • Twentieth-century monastic architecture
  • Architecture And Art
    • Interior and literature
    • Fictional spaces and imagery places: the language of built space
    • Architectural and visual cultures
    • Icons and meaning
    • Gothic architecture and literature
  • Utopia: The City And Human
    • Art, life, and prefiguration: stories of contemporary art and intentional communities
    • Envisioning the sustainable city
    • Mapping the `modern attitude`
    • Unions as utopian spaces: intersecting narratives of potentiality in the fight against marketised education
    • Translation movements as historic `points of solidarity` among human beings: prerequisite for utopian human society
  • Religious Architecture And Philosophy
    • Sacred foundations of architecture
    • Religion enquiry in art & architecture
    • The responses of the churches to cultural shifts
    • Culture: The context for theology, liturgy, sacred architecture and art
    • Theology, liturgy, and sacred architecture and art in the post-constantinian

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Utopian and Sacred Architecture Studies 2020


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