Water Injection for Production System

Water Injection for Production System is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Water Injection Well Design and Construction
    • Basic well completion
    • Water injection wells construction
    • Operating parameters of wells
    • Types of water injection wells
  • Reservoirs and Rock Properties
    • Reservoir Heterogeneities
    • Definition of Reservoir
    • Factors affecting reservoir flow
    • Reservoir Characteristics (Porosity, Permeability, Reservoir pressure, Reservoir temperature, Formation damage, etc.)
    • Super-saturated reservoir
  • Waterflooding
    • Types of waterflood patterns
    • Define waterflooding
    • Waterflooding advantages
    • Factors affect water flow process
  • Introduction to Water Injection
    • Reasons for water injection
    • Definition of water injection
    • Reservoir drive mechanisms
  • Injection Water Impurities
    • Aquifer water, impurities and quality control
    • Water supply sources for water injection
    • Scaling problem
    • Seawater, impurities and quality control
    • Importance of water source compatibility
    • Fill accumulation problem

Water Injection for Production System brings together:

  • Production Operations Staff
  • Production Engineers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Production Process Staff
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Field Services Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers

Future Events

Water Injection for Production System 2020


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