Wearables & IoT Summit

The Wearables & IoT Summit covers topics such as:

  • A View of the Emerging Wearables and IoT Ecosystem /
  • Qualcomm’s Vision of the Connected, Wearable Future
  • The Energy Challenge for Wearables – Product Developers
  • Market
  • Wearable Medical Devices: Designing for Biomedical Consumer
  • Debate Strategies and Pros and Cons of Current and Emerging Solutions
  • Energy Harvesting Strategies & Platforms
  • Expectations and Regulatory Requirements
  • And Tradeoffs between Energy Types for Different Needs/Scenarios
  • Sources of Energy, Market Solutions, Future R&D Avenues
  • New Classes of Energy Harvesting for Wearable Applications
  • Recharging Wearables with RF Wireless Power
  •  Pre-Processing Architectures for Energy Efficient Wearables
  • Ultra Low Power Sensor Solutions for Wearables and IoT
  • In IoT SoCs
  • Using a Network-on-a-Chip(NoC) Interconnect to Manage Power
  • Lines of Wireless Design Services
  • IoT Sensor and Wearable Battery Life Extension from the Front
  • Wearable Devices on Flex and 3D Solid-State Energy Storage
  • Storage Solutions on the Market and in R&D
  • Gaps and Opportunities for Further Innovation and
  • Powering Wearable Technology
  • Commercialization around Wearable Energy Components

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Wearables & IoT Summit 2020


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