World Congress on “Geology & Earth Science”


The World Congress on “Geology & Earth Science” is dedicated to providing Innovative Research Methodologies for Geosciences.

The World Congress on “Geology & Earth Science” covers topics such as:

  • Engineering Geology and Geomechanics
  • Environmental Geology
  • Remote Sensing and Geospatial Sciences
  • GIS
  • Geophysics
  • Geochemistry
  • Marine Geosciences and Oceanography
  • Geosystems
  • Rock Deformation and Structural Geology
  • Groundwater and Hydrology: Surface Hydrology/Surface Water
  • Physical Geology
  • Petroleum Geology and Geothermal Energy
  • Volcanology and Plate Tectonics
  • Mineralogy and Mineral Exploration
  • Ecology and Ecosystems
  • Earth
  • Meteorology and Planetary Sciences
  • Soil Science and Conservation of Soil Biodiversity
  • Geological Hazard Assessment and Earthquake Geology
  • Technologies and Applications of Earth Science
  • Green Initiatives
  • Palaeontology and Palaeo-anthropology
  • Economic Geology
  • Issues in Global Warming and Climate Change

The World Congress on “Geology & Earth Science” brings together:

  • Researchers
  • Professors
  • Students and Directors & CEO`s
  • Scientists

Future Events

World Congress on “Geology & Earth Science” 2020


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