World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology

The World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology covers topics such as:

  • Green Chemical Reactions
  • Green Chemistry and Technology
  • Green Catalysis & Biocatalysis
  • Green Solvents
  • Green Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
  • Green Polymerization Methods
  • Green Technologies in Food Production & Food Processing
  • Cleaner production and Green Nanotechnologies
  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Applications of Green Chemistry
  • Waste Valorization Techniques
  • Green Engineering
  • Green Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Green Materials
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Sustainability
  • Biomass and its Conversion
  • Trends in Green Chemistry
  • Novel Activation Methods
  • Green Economy

The World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology brings together:

  • Presidents
  • Directors
  • Business Intelligence Experts
  • Industrial Experts
  • Scientists
  • CEO’s from companies
  • Vice Presidents
  • Research Associates
  • Brand Marketers
  • Manufacturers
  • Professors and Students from Academia
  • Advertising Agency Executives

Future Events

World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology 2020


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