World Congress on Healthy Ageing - Evolution: Holistic aging in an age of change


The World Congress on Healthy Ageing - Evolution: Holistic aging in an age of change is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Body
    Nutrition - Age defying foods, Supplements, Menopause And Osteoporosis, Oncological Health, Ageing Skin and Care - Wrinkles and Hair Loss, Senses impairment- vision, hearing, ENT, Musculoskeletal- Ageing upper limbs, lower limbs and spine, Sports and physical activity for longevity, Disability and ageing- Multi-discipline collaboration, Injury and fall prevention, The Giants of atherosclerosis- Diabetes, Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Cardiovascular Health-Heart attacks, heart failure, arrthymias, Gastrointestinal Health- functional bowel disease, colon cancer, Hormone and metabolic interventions in ageing, Stem Cells, Respiratory Health- asthma, pneumonia, COPD, Fertility, Vaccinations, HIV and Allergies And Immune systems
  • Mind
    Depression, Motivation and Optimism with Ageing, Mental health in ageing, Stress, The Golden Age of Sex, Addiction and Substance abuse, Neurological Health - stroke, Parkinson`s disease, neurodegenerative disease, NeuroPlasticity, Healthy Sleep, Memory and dementia, Common sleep disorders and their treatment, The Dementias and Substance use disorders
  • Socio-Community
    Retirement, Healthy Ageing in Children and teenagers, Ageing Communities, Ageing Workforce, Environment and accessibility, Health and legislative policies, Recreation, Lifestyle Homes and Retirement Villages, Family and cultural issues, Loneliness And Staying Connected, Caregiving, Inequalities in health and Legal
  • Spirit
    Faith, Spirituality and Ageing, Love and Purpose in Healthy Ageing and Hope
  • Future Medicine
    Nutrigenomics, IT and Aged Care, Telemedicine and Stem Cells

The World Congress on Healthy Ageing - Evolution: Holistic aging in an age of change brings together academicians, medical and healthcare professionals, legislators, care givers, city planners, personnel involved in community services and public care, anyone interested in the science of healthy aging and advocates for liveable communities.

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