World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS 2019)

  • 9-11 December 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

The World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS 2019) covers topics such as:

  • High Assurance Security Controls
    • Best Practices in Building and Securing Industrial Control Systems
    • Baseline and High Assurance Security Controls for ICS and SCADA Security
  • Advanced Applications
    • Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
    • Advanced Control Algorithms and Applications
    • Application of Security Content Application Protocol (SCAP) in Industrial Environments
    • Advanced Robotic Systems
  • Defensive Architectures for Cybersecurity of Safety Systems
    • Cyber Security in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Cyber Security Defense Techniques
    • Cyber Attacks on Industrial Controls Systems
    • Cyber Security Risks to SCADA and ICS Systems
    • Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies for ICS and SCADA Systems
    • Cyber Physical Systems and Sensor Networks
    • Lessons Learned in ICS and SCADA Cybersecurity
    • Energy Grid Control System Cybersecurity
    • Lifecycle Approaches to ICS and SCADA Cybersecurity
    • Legal, Regulatory and Contractual requirements on ICS and SCADA Security
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Control Theory and Engineering
    • Control System Cybersecurity
    • Control Theory
    • Control Theory and Applications
    • Control Systems Security Assessments and Audits
    • Computational Intelligence and Applications
    • Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
    • Custom tools, Commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) and Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) Solutions for Automation of ICS Security Management
    • Communications and Network Protocol Security in Control Systems
  • Intelligent Control Theory and Applications
    • ICS, PLC, and SCADA Exploit Analysis
    • ICS Cybersecurity Education and Research
    • ICS and SCADA Security Modelling
    • ICS and SCADA Fuzzing
    • ICS Security Standardization and Best Practices
    • ICS and SCADA Security Metrics
    • ICS System Vulnerabilities, Attacks Surface, and Attack Vectors
    • ICS Software Security Assurance
    • Image Processing
    • ICS Security-By-Design
    • Risk Management in Industrial Environments
    • IT Risk Assessment
    • Integrated Automation Systems
    • Intelligent Automation Systems for Manufacturing
    • Machine Learning
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Robotics and Biomimetics
    • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Pattern Recognition
  • Engineering Optimization
    • Optimization for Decision Making Systems
    • Optimization for Industrial Automation Systems
    • Intelligent Optimization and Applications
  • Network Segmentation and Reliability
    • Securing Remote Access
    • Architecture Design
    • ICS Risk Management
    • Security Convergence
  • Networked Control Systems
    • Nonlinear Systems and Control
    • Neurocomputing
    • Sensor Networks
    • NANO, MEMS and Mechatronics Systems
  • Fault Diagnosis and Safe Operation
    • Online Monitoring for Systems
    • Measurement Methods and Intelligent Instrumentation
    • Technologies for Aggregation and Analysis of Security Events
    • Tools for Security Assessments of Control Systems
    • Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring Program
    • Technologies for enabling ICS
    • Vulnerability Management in Controls Systems
    • Sensors, Sensing and Signal Processing
    • Protection of Critical Infrastructure against Persistent Threats and Sophisticated Targeted Attacks
    • PLC and RTU Security and Vulnerability Assessments
    • Governance and Management aspects of ICS and SCADA Security
  • Robust Adaptive Control and SCADA
    • Safety and Cybersecurity in Nuclear Power Plant Environments
    • Social Robotics
    • Smart Grid Cybersecurity
    • Security Control overlays for ICS and SCADA Systems
    • Secure ICS and SCADA Architectures and Protocols
    • Social Engineering and Insider Threat in Critical Infrastructures
    • Security of Sensor and Telemetry devices in Control Environments
    • Security patch Management in ICS and SCADA Systems
    • Security Event Management
    • Security Analysis and Scoring Systems
    • System Sensing, Modelling and Analysis
    • System Modelling and Parameter Estimation
    • Need to protect Industrial Control Systems from Cyber-Attacks
    • System Simulation
    • SCADA Security - Current Trends
    • Real World SCADA Security Incidents and Disasters
    • Analyzing Threats to SCADA Systems
    • Understanding Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems
    • Designing Comprehensive SCADA Security Program
    • Assessing and managing SCADA Risks
    • Essential SCADA Cybersecurity Controls and Countermeasures
    • SCADA Security Standards
    • SCADA Security Controls - Best Practices
  • Network and Perimeter Security
    • Malware Protection
    • Systems and Server Security
    • Data and Communications Security
    • Authentication and Access Control
    • Security Incident Management
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Personnel Security
    • Security Configuration and Patch Management
    • Security Assessment and Audits
  • Data Automation
    • Data-Driven Control
    • Big Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Data-Driven Optimization, Scheduling, and Decision Making
    • Data-Driven Diagnosis
    • Data-Based System Performance Analysis
    • Data-Driven Operations and Quality Control
    • ACTA Automatica Sinica
  • Research in Progress
    • Collaborative Research
    • Ongoing Research from Undergraduates, Graduates/Postgraduates and Professionals
    • New Trends and Experiences
    • Future Technologies

The World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS 2019) brings together:

  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • IT management
  • IT security professionals
  • Automation and control project managers
  • Plant managers
  • Compliance officers
  • IT security auditors
  • Critical infrastructure protection specialists; vendors and assessors of security
  • Cybersecurity planners

The World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS 2019) will be held in London, United Kingdom on 9-11 December 2019.


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  • World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS 2018) - 10-13 Dec 2018, Churchill College, Cambridge, United Kingdom (52314)


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