49th World Congress on Microbiology

  • 15-16 Jun 2020
  • London, United Kingdom


The 49th World Congress on Microbiology is dedicated to Scoping out New Innovations & Future trends in Microbiology.

The 49th World Congress on Microbiology covers topics such as:

  • Microbes world
  • Classification of Pure Microbiology
  • Advances in Techniques in Virology
  • Emerging Techniques in Bacteriology
  • Applied Phycology
  • Melioration in Mycology
  • Protozoology
  • Nematology
  • Innovations in Veterinary Microbiology
  • Advances in Microbial Parasitology
  • Distribution of Flora and Fauna in Soil Microbiology
  • Microbial Identification and Physiology
  • Advances in Marine Microbiology
  • Enumeration of Environmental Microbiology
  • Break-through in Molecular Microbiology
  • Futuristic Approaches in Medical Microbiology
  • Improvements in Agricultural Microbiology
  • Future Applications of Microbes in Industrial Microbiology
  • Immunological Aspects of Microbiology
  • Emerging Complications in Infectious Diseases
  • Emerging Innovations in Food Microbiology
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Impact of Microbial Ecology
  • Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Response
  • Applications of Applied Microbiology
  • Perspectives in Microbial Engineering
  • Focusing on Strengthening Education & Research in Microbiology
  • Current Trends in Microbiology
  • Entrepreneur Investments Meet: Description

The 49th World Congress on Microbiology brings together:

  • Scientists
  • Microbiologist
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Industrial delegates

The 49th World Congress on Microbiology will be held in London, United Kingdom on 15-16 Jun 2020.


United Kingdom
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Future Events

  • 49th World Congress on Microbiology - 15-16 Jun 2020, London, United Kingdom (61476)
  • 50th World Congress on Microbiology - 2021, Moscow, Russian Federation (65800)

Past Events

  • 48th World Congress on Microbiology 2019 - 24-25 Jun 2019, Holiday Inn Moscow - Vinogradovo, Moscow, Russian Federation (78096)


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