The WORLD GEOTHERMAL ENERGY SUMMIT is dedicated to solutions to regulatory, financial and technical challenges and the role of geothermal in the world`s energy mix including:

  • Market overview, Regulatory frameworks, forecasts of key countries and development
  • Global and regional geothermal market analysis and trends
  • Economically sound funding source for geothermal projects
  • Technical considerations in commercializing geothermal energy

The WORLD GEOTHERMAL ENERGY SUMMIT brings together all the stakeholders from across the geothermal spectrum, including investors investment managers, government regulators, geothermal industry players from key countries and energy developers.

Past Events

   WORLD GEOTHERMAL ENERGY SUMMIT 2014  4-5 Dec 2014, Lima, Peru (37637)
   WORLD GEOTHERMAL ENERGY SUMMIT 2013  5-6 Dec 2013, Naivasha, Kenya (27899)
   WORLD GEOTHERMAL ENERGY SUMMIT 2012  4-5 Jul 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia (27898)

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