World Metastasis Summit


The World Metastasis Summit is dedicated to translating Metastasis Research into Incredible New Therapies.

The World Metastasis Summit covers topics such as:

  • Implementing metastatic models
  • Translate metastasis research into the clinic
  • AI and metastasis. What if AI could help rethink the metastasis/resistance equation?
  • New methods to detect cancer, the potential to stop metastasis before it’s too later is increasing
  • The most therapeutically relevant advances in our understanding of dormancy in metastasis
  • Biomarkers and metastasis - new methods to select drug candidates, new biomarkers for metastasis and which biomarkers are most likely to be meaningful for patients
  • Cancer as a metabolic disease - the prospects for metabolic therapies, including the most likely targets and pathways
  • Immuno-oncology and metastasis - how new CAR-T cells are being generated for the eradication of advanced cancers
  • The impact of microorganisms in carcinogenesis, cancer progression and metastasis, and the therapeutic implications of recent findings
  • Overcoming anti-metastatic bottlenecks - how to overcome the barriers and bottlenecks to drive the development of therapies that tackle metastasis

The World Metastasis Summit brings together:

  • Translational Oncologists
  • Metastasis Researchers
  • Clinical oncologists
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Cancer advocates

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