World Neurology Summit 2019

18-19 June 2019

The World Neurology Summit 2019 will be held in Madrid, Spain on 18-19 June 2019.

The World Neurology Summit 2019 covers topics such as:

  • Deadly CNS Diseases Signs, Symptoms and Causes
  • Neurology
  • Neuroinfections and Neuroimmunology
  • Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms, Types and Causes
  • Current Perspective in Neurology
  • Cognitive Neurological Examination
  • Parkinson`s Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Alzheimer`s Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care
  • Epilepsy Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
  • Huntington`s Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders and Stroke
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology
  • Dementia Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, and Treatments
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke
  • Brain Tumors and Neuro-oncology
  • Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Latest Research on Neurological disorders
  • Advances in Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Neuroimaging Biomarkers


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Future Events

   World Neurology Summit 2019  18-19 Jun 2019, Madrid, Spain (80931)


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