Zero Waste Management


Zero Waste Management is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • The Big Picture
    • Integrated Waste Management in Muscat
    • Waste In Muscat
    • Municipal Solid Waste Treatment And Disposal Project in Muscat
    • Environmental & Health effects of waste management
    • Reverse Logistics in Waste Management
    • History Of Waste Management In UAE
  • Strategies & Trends For Waste Management In GCC Countries
    • Waste Management in Middle East–Regional Trends
    • Waste Management in Oman – Trends, Prospects and Challenges
    • Effectively Using the 7R’s of Waste Management– Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim, Repair, Replace, Recycle
    • Concept of Zero Waste City
  • Waste & Innovations
    • Need for Waste Management Hierarchy
    • Waste to Energy
  • The European Management Methods
    • Waste Management in Western Europe –Lessons for Middle East
    • The key component for waste management – Waste Segregation
  • Planning The Prescription
    • Material Recover Facility
    • United Nations Environment Programme
    • Organic Waste Management
    • Waste Management contributing to economy
  • Technology And Waste Management
    • Drilling Waste Management Concept
    • Waste Management Technologies
    • Exploring new methods of waste treatment
    • Waste Processing technologies

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