8th International Conference on Data Processing and Applications (ICDPA 2022)

  • 24-27 Jun 2022
  • Xiamen, China


The 8th International Conference on Data Processing and Applications (ICDPA 2022) covers topics such as:

  • Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
  • Big Data Analytics and Metrics
  • Big data analytics
  • Big Data Economics/td> Big Data for Enterprise
  • Big Data Architectures
  • Big Data for Business Model Innovation
  • Big data experiences
  • Big Data in Business Performance Management
  • Big Data for Enterprise Transformation
  • Big Data in Mobile and Pervasive Computing
  • Big Data in Government Management Models and Practices
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data in Smart Planet Solutions
  • Big data medical records
  • Big data medical devices
  • Big Data Search and Mining
  • Big data processing
  • Big data systems
  • Big Data Storage, Processing and Transformation
  • Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
  • Business/Corporate/Industrial Data Mining
  • Data fusion and integration
  • Collaborative Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics
  • Data mining Applications
  • Data Mining Algorithms
  • Data Mining in Logistics
  • Data mining Foundations
  • Database and Information System Architecture and Performance
  • Data Mining, Clustering and Knowledge Discovery
  • Databases Systems and Applications
  • Databases and Information Retrieval
  • Distributed and grid based data mining
  • Data-mining grids
  • Distributed, Parallel, P2P, and Grid-based Databases Engineering Mining
  • Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
  • Information Retrieval and Database Systems
  • Explorative and visual data mining
  • Management Issues of Social Network enabled Big Data
  • Machine learning based on Big Data
  • Military Data Mining
  • Medicine Data Mining
  • Mobile Data and Information
  • Mining text and semi-structured data
  • Multi-databases and Database Federation XML and Databases
  • Models and Languages for Big Data Protection
  • Parallel, Distributed and Grid Data Management
  • Multimedia mining (audio/video)
  • Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data
  • Privacy, Trust and Security in Databases
  • Scientific Applications of Big Data
  • Scientific and Statistical Databases
  • Security Data Mining
  • Security Applications of Big Data
  • Social Science Mining
  • Sensor and Mobile Data Management
  • Temporal, Spatial, and High Dimensional Databases
  • Statistical and Scientific Databases
  • Very Large Data Bases
  • User Interfaces to Databases and Information Systems
  • Web mining
  • Visualization Analytics for Big Data
  • XML and Semi-Structured Databases
  • Workflow Management and Databases

The 8th International Conference on Data Processing and Applications (ICDPA 2022) is being held in Xiamen on 24-27 June 2022.

More Details

250-550 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
SCIence and Engineering Institute (SCIEI)
Abstract submission deadline: 15 May 2022

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Science: Computer Science
Technology: Data management, Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

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