7th International Conference on Information System and Data Mining (ICISDM 2023)

  • May 2023
  • United States


The 7th International Conference on Information System and Data Mining (ICISDM 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Data Mining
    • Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
    • Scalable data preprocessing
    • Graph and subgraph mining
    • Mining on data streams
    • Web mining
    • Methodologies on large-scale data mining
    • Data mining visualization
    • High performance data mining algorithms
    • Competitive analysis of mining algorithms
    • Security and privacy issues
    • Text, video, multimedia data mining
    • Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce
  • Information System, Engineering
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Coupling and Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources
    • Legacy Systems
    • Middleware Integration
    • Object-Oriented Database Systems
    • Organisational Issues on Systems Integration
    • Database Security and Transaction Support
    • Enterprise-Wide Client-Server Architecture
    • Multimedia Database Applications
    • Data Warehouses
    • Mobile Databases
    • Web Databases
    • Software Measurement
    • Software Engineering
    • Semiotics in Computing
    • Systems Engineering Methodologies
    • Ontology Engineering
    • Requirements Analysis
    • CASE Tools for System Development
    • Modelling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations
    • Modelling Concepts and Information Integration Tools
    • Modelling of Distributed Systems
    • Security, Freedom and Privacy
    • Business Processes Re-engineering
    • Process Design and Organisational Issues in e-Commerce
    • B2B and B2C Applications
    • Market-spaces: market portals, hubs, auctions
    • E-Procurement and Web-based supply chain management
    • Intranet and Extranet Business Applications
    • E-Learning and e-Teaching
    • Web Information Agents
    • Agents for Internet Computing
    • Public sector applications of e-Commerce
    • Case studies on Electronic Commerce
    • Internet and Collaborative Computing
    • Interactive and Multimedia Web Applications
    • Wireless and Mobile Computing
    • Semantic Web Technologies
    • Service System Modeling & Analysis
    • Foundations of Service Science
    • Service Quality
    • Service Design and Planning
    • IT Service Management
    • Service Operation Management
    • Service Engineering
    • Service Marketing
    • Service Computing
    • Service Delivery
    • Multiple Sequence Alignment
    • Service Science Education, etc
    • Motif Finding
    • Sequence Analysis
    • Ontology
    • Deep Sequencing Data Processing
    • Adaptation and Learning
    • Biomedical Data Mining, etc
    • Business Intelligence
    • Agents and Multi-agent Systems
    • Coordinative Intelligence
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    • Cognitive Informatics
    • Fuzzy Logic and other forms of Logic
    • Evolutionary Algorithms and System
    • Information Retrieval and Extraction
    • Hybrid Artificial and Natural Intelligence
    • Soft-Computing and Rough Set, etc

The 7th International Conference on Information System and Data Mining (ICISDM 2023) might be held in United States in May 2023.

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270-590 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
International Conference on Information System and Data Mining (ICISDM), South Asia Institute of Science and Engineering (SAISE)
Abstract submission deadline: 10 Jan 2022

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Technology: Data management, Information Technology (IT)

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